In this document we will outline the changelog for the following parts of FlowCov:

Versioning pattern

We use semantic versioning for all public parts of FlowCov. Read the linked website if you want to know more on this topic.

Too long, didn't read
  • Breaking changes require a new major release (x.0.0)
  • New features require a new minor release (0.x.0)
  • Bugfixes require a new bugfix release (0.0.x)

Please notice that this only applies to versions after the initial public release (1.0.0).

Latest versions

Below, you can find the latest available versions for all parts:

FlowCov Bash Upload Script
FlowCov Camunda Test Rule

Version history

v0.3.1 (08/10/2020)

  • Bash Fix newline escape bug

v0.3.0 (08/10/2020)

  • Bash Added more details in help output
  • Bash Added environment variables for all options
  • Bash Added debug mode to print the request body instead of uploading it
  • Bash Added verbose mode to print more detailed log output
  • Bash Rewritten the CI detection
  • Bash Completely rewritten the script
  • Bash Check if the passed URL is valid
  • Bash Changed output formatting of script
  • Bash Fixed bugs with special characters (\n etc.) in commit messages
  • Bash Fixed bugs with really long reports

v0.2.1 (21/09/2020)

  • Bash Reordered help output
  • Bash Made the description of the --no-git flag clearer
  • Bash Allow custom commit information to be passed even though --no-git was specified
  • Bash Allow partial commit information
  • Bash Don't break the script if one of the parameters contains double quotes
  • Bash Check if the custom search directory exists before searching it
  • Bash Output the full path to the search directory
  • Bash Output why the script fails if the --fail-on-error flag is specified

v0.2.0 (18/09/2020)

  • Bash Script will show help if no arguments are passed
  • Bash Small formatting fixes
  • Rule Added support for DMN
  • Rule Complete refactoring of the rule
  • Rule Removal of local coverage calculation support

v0.1.1 (09/09/2020)

  • Bash Added detection for unrecognized flags
  • Bash Added --dir flag to pass search directory
  • Bash Added --skip-empty-upload flag to ignore empty build

v0.1.0 (25/08/2020)

  • Initial release